By Laws


Article I



The name of this organization shall be Blossom Valley Neighborhood Association, which is located in the City of San Jose, County of Santa Clara, State of California.


Article II



To build a feeling of community, for preserving and promoting an atmosphere of respect, trust and beauty in the neighborhood and of being good neighbors.  The organization shall serve as a base for communication within this neighborhood.


Article III


Section 1.              ELIGIBILITY: Any person who subscribes to the purpose of the organization and resides within the boundaries of the Blossom Valley Neighborhood Organization  shall be eligible for membership.


Section 2.              BOARD MEETINGS: Shall be held every even numbered month at which the business of coordinating the activities of the Association shall be decided, including events and finances.


Section 3.              GENERAL MEETINGS: Shall be held every odd numbered month to present to the Association at large matters relevant to the community, and to act as liaisons for the members to the neighborhood schools, City of San Jose and regional organizations such as United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County.


Section 4.              VOTING MEMBER: Each member shall be entitled to one vote if they have attended four of the last six meetings.


Section 5.              VOTING METHOD: Voting may be done through a show of hands or verbal format When voting for officers or special agenda items voting may be done by secret ballot.


Section 6.              MINUTES: Minutes must be take at each meeting and provided to the Board and members at large at their request.


Section 7.              RESOLUTION AUTHORITY: Any resolution of the Board must have at least a 50% approval by the Officers of the Board.


Article IV



Section 1.              COMPOSITION: The Board of Officers shall consist of five(5) members fo the association.  Officers of this Associations shall be President, Vice Presidents(2), Secretary, and Treasurer.


Section 2.              TERM OF OFFICE: The term of office shall be for a period of two(2) years.  There is no limit to the number of terms one(1) officer may serve.


Section 3.              VACANCIES: A vacancy on the board of Officers shall be filled by a substitute for the remaining period until the next bi-annual election.  The substitute shall be appointed by the Board as soon as the vacancy is know to the Association.


Section 4.              POWERS & DUTIES: The Board Of Officers Shall:

  1. Be responsible for and conduct management of the Association.
  2. Supervise activities of the Association.
  3. Obtain funding for and approve expenditures of the Association.


Article V



Section 1.              PRESIDENT: The president shall coordinate Association activities, preside at meetings of the Association and the Board, and shall have such duties as may be designated by the Board.


Section 2.              1ST VICE PRESIDENT: The 1st vice president shall assume the duties of the president in the officers absence.


Section 2.1            2ND VICE PRESIDENT: The 2nd vice president shall coordinate programs for the Association.


Section 3.              SECRETARY: The secretary shall keep minutes of each Board Meeting and General Meeting and provide such upon request.  The secretary has the responsibility of correspondence at the direction of the President.


Section 4.              TREASURER: The treasurer shall be the custodian of the Associations funds and shall supervise the handling of funds generated and grants received.  The treasurer shall assure the keeping of proper financial records and report regularly to the Board of Officers.


Article VI



Section 1.              To build a feeling of community and of being neighbors by preserving and promoting an atmosphere of respect, trust and beauty in our neighborhood..


Section 2.              To help prepare our neighborhood to work together and to be self sufficient in times of emergency such as natural disasters, fires, power outages or flooding.


Section 3.              To involve as many people as we can get to help in small ways so that no one person feels overburdened in helping to meet the needs of the neighborhood at large.


Section 4.              To provide a community voice to the City of San Jose for those matters that concern our neighborhhod.


Section 5.              To welcome new people into the community and make them feel a part of our neighborhood.


Section 6.              To promote common essential values for a free society.



A pdf of these By Laws can be downloaded here